June 8, 2021

Cape Cod – Inside an unassuming garage in a small town on Cape Cod is an incredible collection of pristine heavy-duty trucks. A 1925 Mack AB Model. The last serial number chain-drive 1950’s Mack LJX. Multiple Dodge Big Horns. A Dodge Power Wagon. And a lifetime of memories.  

Owner and founder of J.P. Noonan Transportation, John Peter (J.P.) Noonan Sr. can be easily spotted around New England as he travels between his company’s ten locations. A simple yet profound license plate adorns his Ford pickup – ‘TRUCKS’.

Ever since he was a teenager, J.P. has loved trucks. He got started in the business by helping his grandfather deliver heating oil house-to-house in the 1950’s. He found that it was awfully difficult waiting on the deliveries from their supplier and knew he could do better. He decided to take matters into his own hands and purchased his first truck, a 5-speed Mack B Model 5,000-gallon tanker. With that he was able to pick up his grandfather’s oil from Mobil in Brockton.

Delivering oil in the winter made way to delivering pond-ice in the hot months. Never missing a beat, J.P. built a sprawling regional business that today has locations across New England, employs over 700 employees, and contracts numerous owner-operators. Keeping employees working during the Coronavirus Pandemic has been a priority for the company.

From asphalt to propane, the company has a diverse offering of services – and an even more diverse portfolio of customers. J.P. Noonan supplies all the liquid fuels to Nantucket since there are no barges to the island – truck drivers are at the whim of the ferry and have been known to get stuck overnight. Noonan drivers have even been seen at the top of Mt. Washington, refueling the summit observatory’s 40,000-gallon tanks.

The company is a family business. With three sons helping run and expand the enterprise – J.P. is still driving every day at 82 years young, with no plans of stopping. Sons Peter, Chris, and Paul Noonan help run the transportation company while Chris also expanded the company into waste removal services.

J.P. Noonan Transportation, Inc. is the largest petroleum transportation company in New England maintaining ten facilities in five of six New England states and beyond.

To learn more about J.P. Noonan, visit them at

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