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Deliver, Pour, and More ...

As patrons begin to favor outdoor seating and events more and more as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the more equipped your brewery is to handle this demand – the less time you’ll spend setting up and cleaning up. 

The Isuzu Ultimate Craft Beer Truck is more than just a truck. With powerful graphics, your brand will stand out among the clutter. The face of your brewery will be noticed faster, and the party in the back will be welcomed at your next event.

2 Trucks in 1 - Weekday Workhorse, Weekend Party Machine

The Isuzu NRR and the Supreme refrigerated body are the perfect combination for delivering your product, whether kegs, bottles or cans. When it’s show time, utilize up to 8 built-in taps, menu board, awning, and equipment storage to spend more time with your customers and less time setting up.

Strong and Hoppy

The NRR’s 19,500-lb. GVWR provides the strength needed for heavier payloads. Combined with the body, the payload is over 8,000 lbs.

Easy-to-Drive and No CDL Required

Maneuverability and driving visibility make Isuzu N-Series trucks easier to drive for less experienced truck drivers.These trucks navigate tight quarters, like alleys, sharp turns and smaller parking spaces for easier deliveries.

Brewed for the Long Term

Isuzu’s low cost of ownership is a hallmark of the brand that is built on quality, durability and best-in-class fuel efficiency and warranty. NRR’s 5.2-litre diesel engine has a 375,000-mile B-10 rating. In short, this means the powertrain is built to keep you on the road for more uptime, keeping your truck at the center of your profitability.

A Body for the Workout & the Party

The 16-ft. Supreme Kold-King Reefer insulated body is cooled with a Thermo King 690R refrigeration unit with electric standby. This combination is built to run cool on the workday route and be electrically powered to keep over 40 kegs of beer icy cold. The Maxon TE-25L liftgate has a pallet-sized platform, and with a 2,500-lb. capacity, it can lift your pallet and pallet jack for easier loading and unloading.

Let’s get rolling


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